Jackpot on PokerMatch

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The jackpot is a special prize pool that gradually accumulates with each wager made in the corresponding game. The jackpot can be enormous, and a single lucky wager can bring you millions.

To qualify for the jackpot on PokerMatch, you must play specially marked games that offer this feature. Usually, these games have progressive jackpots that grow with each wager you make until you hit your winnings. Playing jackpot games on PokerMatch is an exhilarating experience that can change your life in an instant.

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Pokermatch jackpot rules


The jackpot is triggered when a poker player with a QQQQ and above loses to a stronger combo. The jackpot prize pool is formed due to an increased rake, which is set for certain poker tables. Since the draw of the Bed-Bit Jackpot does not happen every day and the amount can be up to a million hryvnias and more. 

The highest percentage goes to the losing player, but the others also get a piece of the “pie”.

How the jackpot is distributed on PokerMatch

There are no losers in the jackpot, the amount will be distributed as follows:

How to win the jackpot at PokerMatch

The jackpot is played under the following conditions:

The percentage of the jackpot that will be drawn depends on the amount of the blinds. Detailed information is given in the table below

Blinds, UAH% jackpot

An example of a draw

Consider a simple example of a draw at a table with blinds of 10/20 UAH. The jackpot prize fund is 700000 UAH, 100% of the total amount will be played.

The players are going to have:

  1. The loser will receive 245,000gns;
  2. The winner will receive 140,000gns;
  3. 70000 UAH will share the players who participated in the game;
  4. 70000 UAH will share the players at the other tables;
  5. 105,000 UAH to be added to the upcoming jackpot fund;
  6. 70000 UAH will receive PokerMatch as commission.


How does the jackpot amount work?

The prize fund is formed from the rake at the gaming table. Also, 15% of the amount of the jackpot goes to the fund of the next jackpot.

How to withdraw the jackpot from PokerMatch?

The main rule is to verify the account. Verified users can withdraw their winnings by any convenient method – to card, e-wallet or mobile account.

When will the jackpot be awarded?

The jackpot can be awarded if the combination of at least four QQQQ wins a stronger combo. The winner and loser must use both of their hole cards and reach showdown, as well as pay an additional rake.

What does jackpot mean in poker?

Jackpot literally means “The Big Win”. The prize pool is formed in different ways, depending on the discipline and the rules of the establishment. The Bed Beat Jackpot is an impressive amount of money, consisting of rake and a percentage of the amounts of previous draws.